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Satta Matka Today Vip Game
Today Lucky NumberFinal Ank
5-7-8-9K 2 M 3
Jodi (Bracket)Cycle Patti
56 85780 350


अब मटका खेलना हुआ आसान ! घर बैठे मटका खेलो अब मोबाइल एप्लीकेशन पे और जीतो ढेर सारी धनराशि | अभी डाउनलोड करो |

India's Biggest & Most Trusted

One of the most well-known types of making a bet in the Satta Matka the game became developed in 1962 by a farmer from Gujarat. In its early days, the game was played in a completely unique way. Everyone wanted to be the winner of indian satta Matka. Indian Matka recreation and you can turn into a Satta King and rich with the right guidance.

卐 बुकिंग चालू | बुकिंग चालू 卐

कल्याण अचूक गेम धमाका डिस्काउंट ऑफर के साथ सभी बाजार में 1 ओपन, 1 जोड़ी,और 2 पत्तीl (101%) रोज की तरह पास की गारण्टी के साथ मिलेगा आपको गेम फैल होने पर मनी बैक गारण्टी रहेगी (24 घंटे मोबाइल चालू )

अडवांस रिजल्ट फीस- Rs 2500/- Per Game

NOTE :- हमारे पास फ्री ट्रायल ओर डेमो नही मिलता कॉल कर के परेशान न करे



JODI 278-71-245 PANEL
11:20 AM - 12:20 PM


JODI 125-81-579 PANEL
03:40 PM - 05:40 PM


JODI 156-27-250 PANEL
08:20 PM - 10:20 PM


JODI 167-42-390 PANEL
11:35 AM - 12:35 PM


JODI 556-62-589 PANEL
11:35 AM - 12:35 PM


JODI 246-28-279 PANEL
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM


JODI 349-68-800 PANEL
01:30 PM - 02:30 PM


JODI 358-66-358 PANEL
03:00 PM - 05:00 PM


JODI 357-53-490 PANEL
03:00 PM - 05:00 PM


JODI 257-42-147 PANEL
03:45 PM - 05:45 PM


JODI 269-78-233 PANEL
07:25 - 08:25


JODI 489-12-255 PANEL
08:30 PM - 10:30 PM


JODI 178-69-478 PANEL
09:00 PM - 11:00 PM


JODI 167-42-336 PANEL
09:15 PM - 11:30 PM


JODI 390-29-450 PANEL
09:30 PM - 11:45 PM


JODI 489-11-470 PANEL
09:35 PM - 12:05 AM


मधुर डे/नाईट, मिलन डे/नाईट, कल्याण, राजधानी डे/नाईट, मधुर मॉर्निंग में से किसी का भी लाइव रिजल्ट

ओपन और क्लोज, पांना-पत्ती के साथ सीधा मुंबई मटका कंपनी से 30 मिनट्स पहले लेना चाहते है तो कॉन्टैक्ट करें
एडवांस चार्ज
VIP 1 DAY = 2500/-
VVIP 1 MONTH = 5000/-

For Booking
Call - 06303651836





OTC: 6__5__9__1

JODI: 65-68-56-51-98-95-18

PANNA: 790__780__450__560



OTC: 5__0__1__((6))

JODI: 56-58-08-07-18-65-68

PANNA: 456___370___560___240



OTC: 2__8__1__4

JODI: 24-25-85-89-18-10-45

PANNA: 147__350__560__356



OTC: 8___7___5__((4))

JODI: 87-85-78-75-58-56-45

PANNA: 890__350__780__590



OTC: 2__7__4__9

JODI: 25-26-75-78-45-43-98

PANNA: 345___250___149___450



OTC: 0__5__3__8

JODI: 03-08-50-56-35-85-89

PANNA: 550___357___670___350



OTC: 5___7___2___0

JODI: 54-52-78-76-25-08-07

PANNA: 780___250___345___370



OTC: 4___1___9___6

JODI: 42-49-10-18-98-97-65

PANNA: 130___100___180___169







All the related reasons and Information why you 
should choose to  play satta games  like Taramatka,
MadhurSattaMatka,Indian Matka over other games?..

Indian matka

One of the most well-known types of making a bet in the Satta Matka the game became developed in 1962 by a farmer from Gujarat. In its early days, the game was played in a completely unique way. Everyone wanted to be the winner of satta Matka. Indian Matka recreation and you can turn into a Satta King and rich with the right guidance.

There are some key tips that will help you prevail in Indian Matka

To win Indian Matka, one of the best things you can do is follow the instructions from the top experts at Based on the comments of more than a thousand game enthusiasts, we've found that our tips and techniques for winning on Indian Matka are useful and players can stand a great risk of winning huge if they follow our recommendations and strategies.

With, you can get the most up-to-date tips and advice on playing matka, including Satta Matka, Madhur Matka, Indian Matka, Dpboss, Mumbai Matka, Milan Day and night time further to Rajdhani Matka. Our experts will help you step-by-step and show you the most efficient strategy to take part.

Once you've started out, you weren't paying as much as the market to learn how to play the game. Once you've mastered the rules, you can start making your own numbers to determine the highest efficient Satta numbers.

Do you want to play Indian satta? is the perfect place to do so! We've been offering online betting services since 2001, and we're one of the most reliable providers in the industry. Our platform has a wide range of games, including Indian satta betting, and others. Here's the calculation for Satta Matka from Open to Close, Jodi, and Patti Matka Jodi Fix.
The India Satta Matka number framework is unique in arithmetic, consisting of several different types of numbers such as the whole Matka market Opening Closing Jodi, Panel, Sangam, and Jackpot, among others. These fixes provide a reliable estimate of the number of 100.
You can save a lot of money by playing more than once the amount you need to win. For example, if you need to win 100 rupees, you can win 200 rupees by playing twice. Consult with experts to make sure your bets are successful.

What is required to play Indian satta?

The enjoyable aspect of playing Matka 420 is the more sophisticated mathematical calculations that must be accomplished while playing. Making the appropriate broad variety on the proper second, in conjunction with danger, achievement, and luck, is Matka in which you play the 420. It's far one of the most well-known games on the planet of athletic activities and has become a preferred pleasure for everyone. The benefits of making the greatest money in a short period of time make it a popular hobby for a big number of people. You will never miss the threat of taking the game if you play it efficiently and punctually.

Here, are the different variations of Indian Satta Matka

There are many different variations of  Matka, which is quickly growing and an untrustworthy business model in India. Additionally, it has come to prominence in many other countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and the United States of America. There are many different types of Satta Matka, including Milan chart, Satta Matta, Indian Satta, Matka Result, Kalyan Panel Chart, Satta Matta Matka 143, Matka Guessing, and Matka, Matka Stop End Result.

Kalyan, Rajdhani Matka, Milan, and Milan night time all have a variety of games you can play together, including Kalyan day and night time, Madhur days Matka420, India Matka along aspect Satta. Open nearby gives you the opportunity to win close to Jodi, Panna, Sangam, and Tara matka, as well as Midnight chart and Sattamatka Satta results of Matka. The fundamental concept at the heart of Matka is the same across all of these lotteries.

What you should do to play IndianSatta without any hurdles?

If you want to play Indian Matka, you need to sign up with one of the Satta Matka net websites. This will let you play any of the Matka video games online at any time you choose. The most popular and trusted gaming websites offer a great gambling experience

If you're considering participating in Indian Matka, it's important to make sure the website you're using is legitimate. Before participating in the online-based event, customers should check reviews on these websites.

Indian Matka is a fast-paced, money-making game that is based on sound strategy and techniques. Our website provides all the information and support you need to play, as well as the rules and advice for winning cash prizes. By using our website, you can try out your luck and win hundreds of coins in a short time period. When playing Kalyan Matka, Matka Boss, or Indian Matka, selecting the best online gaming site is essential to ensure a fun and safe experience.

Do you know the crucial role of sattamatka inIndiansatta market?

In Indian gambling markets, Satta Matka is a game that is very traditional. The game became common much earlier than India became an independent country. Independence made it possible for people to do things more freely, and Satta Matka became a more popular game because of this. It is a very important part of the game and the calling of the sport is Satta Matka. Learn more about Kalyan Matka's strategies and techniques here at!

Indian Satta matka games are played on the internet. Even though it's against the law to play this game, it's one of the most profitable businesses in India. Hundreds of people play it quickly. The player has to choose one of the numbers and then bet on that range. It's called an Indian Satta King, especially if you choose the right wide range.

The player who is in control or is dominant on the table is called the Satta. Staking players get a share of the money to try and make sure the success of the game. If you're curious about becoming a Sattaking player, you can go to they won't deliver Satta records about the game, along with Kalyan chart information. Visit the internet site to learn more about the game.

Do you know whatthe final Ank of the Indian Satta Matka is?

Final Ank is formed by combining the final and open give up end results. The combination of the Open near board and the Open results in what is expressed using the final Ank. The decrease ank is one of two types of final ank. The alternative is to continue in the direction of the Matka final, which occurred recently. For the very last ank and the Dpboss ank final, Indian Satta Matka final matka the key to winning the final is making picks during the very last matka final matka an final, this is the very last Satta matka Satta finale before the ank ultimate final. Satta last ank open-near Jodi and Patti are charming, and they provide an Ank evaluation to game aficionados who are focused on the game they are playing.

Here, are the merits and demerits of playing of satta matka

Participating in Indian satta can be profitable, but it's also risky. There are pros and cons to each option, but by weighing the pros and cons, you can make the best decision for yourself.

There's a lot of excitement and anticipation when people gamble Indian satta, and especially with Matka Boss.1. There are many great rewards that can come from success in the game, including a sense of satisfaction and motivation to be the very best.2.   The Indian Sattais a great way to get to know other people and have a fun, social experience. They're a lively and hot environment, perfect for getting to know people.3.  There's a risk of dropping coins while participating in Indian dance performances. This can be incredibly challenging and discouraging.4. The games can be unpredictable, making it difficult to decide which ones to play.

Madhur matka

If you're looking to make some serious money playing Madhur Matka, you need to learn about Madhur Satta Matka gambling. Madhur Bazar is a highly profitable game, and it's also a great way to increase your chances of winning. That said, it's risky to drop a lot of money on this type of gambling, so make sure you're aware of the Matka Guessing.

How to play madhur matka?

The Madhur Satta Matka is a fun and exciting game that relies on chance and a lucky number. Players bet money on their lucky numbers, ranging from 00 to 99, and the range that is drawn from the pot is the winner. As the game's popularity increases, people are beginning to understand it through the use of the name Madhur Satta Matka.

What makes Madhur Satta Matka so popular?

With the world's population growing, small businesses conduct their operations through the use of conducting operations. Madhur Matka appears in the interstitial era. The bulk of people enjoy playing such games in order to earn money. On the other side, some of them play for pure entertainment. There is no regulation that says you can only play with a certain sum. This is the reason why people enjoy gambling online in Madhur Satta Matka. It is undoubtedly spreading in countries such as India and others. As a result, a lot of work must be done on a massive scale.

What you have to realize about Madhur Matka?

Madhur Satta Matka a part of Satta Matka Gambling. The majority of the time, Madhur Matka is a sport of achievement. Madhur Bazar is one of the most rewarding video games and is assumed to help game enthusiasts make masses of cash. This could growth the risk of dropping the coins on the part of the gambler. What precisely is Madhur King? Someone who has managed to make a large amount of cash having a bet in Madhur Matka King, matka playing may be recognized “Madhur Matka King" "Madhur Matka King".

Three-digit numerals are known as Panna in Matka games. The lottery is played in the Madhur Matka game, in which Panna comes first and is referred to as open Panna. The lottery is drawn three times in the Sattamatka game. Panna gets chosen in the third lottery. However, it is now referred to as "near Panna." The Sattamatka

Following that, the game begins. The winner of these three lotteries is known as the Madhur sattamatka lottery king.

What are Madhur Panna and Madhur Jodi?

If you too miss playing the popular Madhur Matka lottery game, then read on for information on an elegant and exciting new Matka gambling game called Madhur Matka. Madhur Matka is the most popular game in India: Madhur Matka is a lottery-based game of chance. All of our Madhur Matka games have cook numbers, just like all of your other SattaMatka games.

Things that you must focused while playing satta matka

We will always remember you as a player of our Satta games – a site where you can win rewards that are truly special. And we'll keep expanding our selection of games so that you can find something to enjoy every time you play. Thanks for choosing us! We recommend that you start your Satta video games with a smaller cash investment. We make sure that our gaming experience is smooth and without interruption, no matter what the game. Sincerely, our video games can help you generate efficient games and reward high-quality play. Let us enlist the help of an experienced player and start playing with knowledge of Skilled Satta.

Fruitful tips to win the madhur matka

Would you like to win the most intriguing on the web satta games with the prizes? These games are not many stunts - play now to win!·Stay focused and plays the best games to win big prizes. Search for the best satta games that are giving big wins and lots of fun. We recommend you playing the game with less cash in the beginning so that you don't have to worry about losing it all. Our easy gaming options are designed to make your gaming experience worry-free, so you can focus on the fun. Plus, our high-quality games and rewarding features will make you really stand out from the competition. Please contact a specialist player for help starting your game. They can provide you with the latest information on the game. Never play while under the influence of liquor or smoking, as this can negatively affect your gaming performance. This could free up the game for others to enjoy, leading to a more enjoyable experience for all.

These are the most important things to remember when playing the satta game with the Madhur Day.·

Would you like to find out how much money you could save by using our calculator? Well, here's how you can do it!·It is easy to compute your triumphant sum by assuming you play only the Jodi satta game. You can bet on any number from 0-9 with a 1000 rupee stake. After the betting is complete, the number that is drawn from the pot is declared the winner. If you win the number, you will receive multiple times the amount you bet on that number. Isn't it exciting to play the match and dominate the number? Look at the constantly updated Kalyan Chart of satta matka games.

There are a few things you need to know about Madhur Matka games.

First of all, they're a great way to make money, and here we'll provide a few tips that can help you win. Secondly, Madhur Sattamatka games always involve some strategy, so we'll go over some of the basics here. Finally, we'll provide some information about this exciting game.

Madhur Matka is a thrilling and entertaining game of chance that provides great entertainment for its players. With its exciting gaming features, Madhur Matka is also a great way to enjoy you. If you're looking to up your gaming skills, we've got some easy tips and tricks to help you out!·Your players can access Madhur Panel chart records with ease. If you want to get the best advice on your investment choices, you can go to the experts – the guessers. Madhur Bazar is always looking for new players to join our exciting game. We make it easy for you to get started, and our community is supportive and welcoming. Your safety is our utmost concern. We guarantee that you will enjoy your experience playing our games. There is no need to worry about a maximum amount   we will take care of everything. There's a good chance you'll win this game, if you play your cards right. You’re guaranteed to love playing our new game!·You'll love the big amount and rewards on Madhur bazar!

Tara matka

Tara satta is a popular game of chance that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. With thousands of active members on the Sattamatka Forum, this is one of the most reliable and popular websites in the sector. So if you're curious about this exciting game, be sure to sign up for a free account on the Sattamatka Forum and get started!

To play the Satta Tara Matka, someone placed a bet on the opening and closing prices of love tokens sent from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Satta Love Trade Aaj Ka Satta Wide Range. Right now, the game is very popular in the Indian Satta market, due to the high demand for Tara Matka tokens.

What is Tara matka?

There is an extensive record of Tara Matka Satta in the Indian satta market. Recently, many people have competed in the Indian Tara matka game, which is played using the Kalyan chart and Kalyan chart systems. As technology advances, Tara Matka 420 Indian Matka's standing in the public eye rises. Several years ago, you had to visit a specific spot to enjoy this game, but today, thanks to Satta Tara matka Asia, you can play this game while lounging at home.

Do you where do you can play Tara Matka?

The Tara matka Satta Matka Cool website is the only place where you can find the Tara matka or satta result. This result was made possible by the money made from matka bets on the open and closing fees. If you want to see or download the results for the Matka Result lottery, you can go to the Tara matka Satta Matka Cool website. The winners in the first two circuits are listed there.

What are the reasons you should choose to play satta games like Tara matka, Madhur Satta Matka, Indian Matka over other games?

Matka Boss since it is the best game to play and it provides better odds than poker and blackjack. Matka Boss is a type of game that was first invented in India. The goal of the game is to determine how much money to take from the lotto drawing. The sport can be performed with only the most rudimentary mathematics abilities, making it simple for every one of us to begin. Satta has a better chance of winning than poker or blackjack. In reality, Satta provides some of the most profitable odds available in the gambling world. Satta is an excellent option if you're looking for a smooth sport with a high chance of winning.

 What are the chances of becoming a boss Matka winner?

 Many people believe that playing Boss Matka can lead to winning the big prize. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before playing, and following the Boss Matka technique can help you maximize your chances. First, make sure you're playing from a reliable source. There are a lot of scams in the world, so it's important to do your research first. If you find a legitimate website, the next step is to watch instructional videos on how to play. Doing this will give you a better understanding of the game, and help you improve your chances of winning. Have fun playing Boss Matka.